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About Morris Ashby

  • 30 years of experience in painting & French polishing.


  • Worked for a painting & decorating company with natural heritage and stately homes included.


  • Worked as a French polisher for a number of years in an antique shop, specializing in country & painting furniture.


  • Worked as self-employed since 1999.


  • Worked for and with a number of interior designers.


  • Maintained hotels with French polishing.

  • Specializing in painted & polish services i.e free standing furniture, kitchen & bathroom, cupboard, wooden & stone, slate floors.



Over the phone, Morris will arrange a convenient time to visit and look at the job in hand.

On time


Morris will arrive promptly on the first day of the work at a pre-arranged time. Then will start each day at a set time that will be shared with you in advance.


After visiting the client and the place where the work will take place Morris will send a detailed estimate. The estimate will show what work will be completed and the estimated cost.

My Commitment


At the end of the job the client is asked to inspect the work and any areas that the client is not totally satisfied with Morris will be revisiting until the client is happy.

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